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As Founder and Owner of Hannah Smith Custom & Luxury Travel Design, successfully collaborating with clients to create custom-tailored travel experiences is my main focus. Each individual or small group of clients will have different purposes, styles & expectations so no two itineraries will be identical. Long-term relationships with each of my clients allows for the obvious and much more subtle elements to be incorporated in the trip design.

As the world is ever-changing, obtaining unbiased professional advice is crucial for traveler.  Although the internet provides vast amounts of travel information, filtering the heavy marketing in this industry and “everyone’s” reviews & opinions are highly time-consuming and full of bases.  So whether the client wants to research along with me or give me a carte blanche, careful consideration is made in recommendations for destinations, accommodations & tours.  Not only do I travel to gain personal knowledge & expertise, my global connections & relationships with people in all areas of the world allow for up-to-date information and “local” context for what my clients want.


As for a travel specialty, I love designing extraordinary leisure itineraries that combine land and water itineraries that cannot be found in any pamphlet or marketed tour package!  As a classically trained pianist, my personal favourite itinerary are ones that incorporate experiencing the world’s best performances of Classical music!


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